Kings University College

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Aplaku Hills Off Old Weija Barrier Bojo Beach Road Accra – Ghana

Kings University College (KUC) was established in January 2009 to provide tertiary education at undergraduate and post graduate levels. The university college received institutional accreditation from the National Accreditation Board (NAB) in December 2009. In September 2012 KUC has been reaccredited for five years. The promoters of Kings University College were motivated by the following factors to establish the University:- 1.The decline in the quality of University education in the West Africa sub-region. 2.The seemingly large number of parents struggling to educate their children in universities abroad not because of affluence but because of the limited admissions for undergraduate and post-graduate education in the universities in Africa. 3.The repatriation of scarce foreign exchange towards high educational costs abroad while Kings University College could provide undergraduate and post graduate programmes locally at a fraction of fees charged by similar overseas institutions. 4. West Africa could achieve accelerated economic growth if there is a structured development of the human resource base in the West Africa sub-region. This cannot be achieved by the efforts of the sub-regional public universities alone. There is an urgent need for accelerated development of good quality private universities in Africa. The promoters have taken the initiative to provide high quality University education locally at an affordable cost. Most of the existing private Universities in the sub-region lack the resources for development of good quality physical facilities and the recruitment of good quality faculty members and, these factors limit the number of students enrolled annually.

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