Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Ltd.

Ground floor Oxford Cinema building (Accra New Town)


Advans Ghana aims to provide adapted financial services primarily to micro, small and medium sized enterprise (MSMEs) in Ghana, which have limited or no access to formal banking services secondarily and in as much as they are not properly served by banks, low to middle income employees and individuals.


To become the most preferred financial institution for MSMEs in Ghana

15 July 2016
Location: Ghana, Accra
Application deadline: 31/07/2016

 Job Reference:

The Field Teller is responsible for managing transactions for clients outside of the branch such as client creation, new account opening, loan repayment, savings collection and withdrawal at clients’ business places

1. Commercial activities

  • Build a portfolio of E-cash clients by

-    proposing the E-cash service to existing Advans clients

-    prospecting potential clients at their business places and  open their accounts

-    Open accounts on the field for potential borrowers (in relation with CRO’s)

-    Cross-selling Advans Ghana service and products: a particular attention should be paid to collect savings (stable deposits) ; open new accounts for existing clients

  • Participate in the promotion of Advans Ghana products and services by informing prospective clients as well as his/her E-cash clients about them
  • Provide information to prospective E-cash clients at the branch
  • Identify clients’ needs and report it to BSS

2. E-cash Transactional activities

  • Manage a portfolio of E-cash clients, organizing a daily collection schedule with clients assigned to him/her
  • Collect E-cash clients’ deposits, and  helps to perform withdrawals
  • Encourage E-cash clients to make regular deposits and transfers to their Advans account
  • Remind clients of upcoming loan installments and propose a transfer to their Advans account at the appropriate time
  • Liaise with Client Officers on managing loan repayment for E-cash clients
  • Monitor clients’ deposits in order to provide appropriate advice and to ensure they comply with minimum deposit requirements and meet their target of stable deposit

3.  Organization and control

  • Cash counts and controls: to ensure and control the conformity of E-cash transactions with collected cash and monitoring tools
  • Ensure compliance of all operations performed with Advans policies and procedures
  • Analyse his/her client portfolio with operational reports
  • Share information and best practices with other Field Tellers
  • Report all the issues related to the job to the BOS/ BSS

4. Administrative tasks

  • Update client data in the MIS and in client files


The Field Teller shall demonstrate:

  • Ability to manage cash with rigorous counting, recording of transactions and checks
  • Ability to organize an efficient daily collection schedule
  • Ability to meet objectives (quantitative and qualitative) determined by managers
  • Ability to represent Advans Ghana by demonstrating professionalism and dynamism
  • Good communication skills ; ability to establish friendly and professional ties with clients
  • Ability to provide clear, sufficient and accurate information to clients on Advans, its products and services, and its processes
  • Ability to promote e-cash and other Advans products and services to clients and prospective clients
  • Ability to manage and analyze information on clients by using and updating the MIS and other tools and documents
  • Ability for team work with fellow Field Tellers and Client Officer working in the same zone
  • Respect of Advans policies and procedures, confidentiality and security rules     

QUALIFICATION/EDUCATION: At least High School /Senior Secondary School.

WORK EXPERIENCE: A minimum of one (1) year working experience National Service inclusive. Practical knowledge of micro/small businesses and market environment is an advantage. 

SKILLS: High-level proficiency in Twi and English; Proficiency in Ga and Hausa will be an advantage ; Proven computer literacy skills; Good Mathematical skills and Interest in sales and marketing.

PERSONAL TRAITS: Good interpersonal relationship and communication skills; a good marketing skills; self-disciplined; resolute and value driven.  Ability and desire to grow the branch.


15 July 2016
Location: Ghana, Accra
Application deadline: 31/08/2016
Job Reference:  

The Client Relationship Assistant is responsible for prospecting for clients, appraising loan clients and monitoring and developing his/her loan portfolio

He/she will also be responsible for developing the savings and deposits portfolio for the target groups.

  • Organize prospecting and communication actions in the zone of intervention (markets and commercial areas) by collaborating with the other Client Relationship Assistants and Customer Service Assistants
  •  Introduce Advans Ghana products and services to target population
  •  Follow-up the prospects by  regular contact with the identified potential clients 
  •  Propose new products and services to his/her current clients
  •  Identify clients’ needs and propose new products/services to the management
  • Ensure that each customer receives outstanding service by providing a friendly environment, which includes greeting and acknowledging every customer, maintaining outstanding standards, solid product knowledge and all other aspects of customer service.
  • Assist the clients for loan application.
  • Conduct loan appraisal and to collect detailed information (personal, business, guaranties) on the field.
  • Present the loan request at the loan committee.
  • Monitor the loan portfolio and to ensure timely repayment.
  • Organize recovery actions in case of late repayment.
  • Maintain a regular contact with clients by organizing visits on the field.
  • Become a respected and active stakeholder in the intervention zone by spending most of the time on the field and creating a trusty relationship with small businessmen/women.
  • Keep complete and detailed documentation on each client


  • Prepare a weekly planning with expected tasks and visits to be done.
  • Share information and best practices with staff.
  • Report all the issues related to the job to immediate supervisor.
  • Analyse the client portfolio by using operational reports.


The Client Relationship Assistant shall demonstrate:

  • Ability to meet objectives (quantitative and qualitative) determined by operations department and branch manager.
  • Ability to represent Advans Ghana in the branch by demonstrating professionalism and dynamism.
  • Ability to respect policies and procedures.
  • Ability to manage the information by using the MIS and keeping records in  client files
    • Good communication skills.
    • Good drive for initiatives.
    • Ability to deliver clear, transparent and accurate information to clients.
    • Ability to manage the information by using the MIS and keeping records in the client files.
    • Ability to become a key stakeholder in the intervention zone.
    • Ability to adapt the communication depending on the type of clientele by speaking local languages and adapting the level of language.


QUALIFICATION/EDUCATION: At least an HND, Bachelor’s Degree and other professional qualifications.

WORK EXPERIENCE: A minimum of one (1) year working experience (National Service inclusive). Good mathematical ability, market appraisal skills and knowledge in accounting. Practical knowledge of micro/small businesses and market environment is an advantage. 

SKILLS: High-level proficiency in written and spoken English; proven computer literacy skills; excellent interpersonal relation and good appeal. Knowledge of the French language will be an advantage.

PERSONAL TRAITS: Good interpersonal relationship and communication skills; a good marketing skills; self-disciplined; resolute and value driven. Ability and desire to grow the branch.



14 July 2016
Location: Accra, Newtown
Application deadline: 01/08/2016
Job Reference:  

The Banking software administrator will assist the IT manager in providing full life-cycle database support for our banking system. Under the supervision of the IT manager, you will be responsible for maintaining the database, running daily basic tasks, running tests as per supporting end-users for the Head office and branches of the institution.

Key activities

Orbit Banking administration

  • Database configuration and maintenance
  • Basic administration tasks
  • Report testing
  • End of day process
  • Test and Procedures writing

Orbit Banking training

  • Provide training on Orbit for end-users

ORBIT Helpdesk

In order to provide the maximum efficiency to the Advans staff, the IT department is maintaining a helpdesk, which allows each user to report their problems as quickly as possible. The helpdesk will be responsible to log the problem, follow its resolution and inform the users.

The Orbit helpdesk provides support for users for any issue regarding the Orbit banking software:

  • Maintain a list of issues and follow their resolution
  • Inform users of the progress of the issues

Quality and Performance criteria

  • Meet deadlines
  • Quality maintenance of computing equipment and development of software
  • Quality of staff training


Education TRaining and areas of expertise 

A university degree or its equivalent in IT or Computer science is required. Knowledge of banking software, skilful in installation, implementation, training and programming in SQL is valuable.


2 years in IT / Banking system support and training in a financial institution.

Personal skills and abilities 

Pragmatism, ability to propose (changes for software), autonomy, availability, pedagogy

Possible evolution

His/her responsibilities will depend on the Institution’s activities and growth



14 July 2016

The Network Administrator, under the direct supervision of the I.T Manager would intervene in the areas that follow and in line with his area of expertise:

  • the management, availability and service quality of the network administration (ORBIT Software and the accounting software SAGE)
  • the installation of computers for users and ensure availability of their associated programmer application
  • The set-up and maintenance of telecommunication networks between the head office and the branches, including IP-PBX Asterisk.
  • assisting the operations team in the creation of requests in the database


1. Managing the Systems Administration (in line with HDF team in Paris)


  • Install and configure the database (like MS SQL, mySql, Oracle…) on the servers
  • Ensure the maintenance of the database and their servers (integrity, performance, consolidation, update)
  • Ensure perfect completion of periodic checks/repairs, especially end-of-day operations.
  • Ensure proper storage (saving and archiving) of data
  • Administer profiles and users of the operational software
  • Administer and maintain the different environment necessary for the evolution of the operational software ( live environment, test, training) and its interface
  • Ensure uniformity of the configuration for all installed database.

2. Installation and maintenance of office tools:

To ensure that all IT equipments are functional to a satisfactory level, the Network Administrator will:

  • Manage the bulk of computers of the institution ( both fixed and portable ones)
  • Install and update office softwares and security tools (anti-virus, firewall)


3. Installation and maintenance of the telecommunication network of the institution


  • Manage the network  between the head office and the branches and at different sites (cables, wifi, radio ring, satellite liaisons, …)
  • Select the internet access provider and ensure there is stability in connection for all the different sites of the institution
  • Manage the mail server
  • Ensure the security of the computer network (data confidentiality) and to ensure the security of installations (plug-ins; protection against fire)
  • Manage IP-PBX Asterisk

4. Assist the operational team (training, creation of requests, access to database…)


  • Train the users of the accounting software, users of the MIS – Management Information System, and standard office packages if necessary
  • Create ad hoc requests or rapport in collaboration with the experts of the profession
  • Be available to auditors in their missions of investigation  when the need arises


The Network Administrator shall demonstrate:

  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure (e.g. solving real time issues)
  • Training skills
  • Good command of written and spoken English


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