Wilkins Engineering Ltd

B135/22 Obonu Crescent, North Kaneshie,

Company History

Wilkins Engineering Limited was established in 1993 as an engineering firm. Since its inception, it has grown from a one-man consulting business to the forefront of the electrical engineering field. We have worked in collaboration and with a number of companies in the area of Project Concept, Design and Construction.

With Staff strength of over 300, Wilkins has the capacity to undertake projects for its clients with precision in terms of quality standards and on schedule.
Company Management

The Company’s management is headed by Mr. Omane Frimpong. He is an Engineer by profession with over 20 years experience in the Energy sector. He has been designing and managing both projects spanning from National to International scope.His experience has over the years served as a source of inspiration to the entire workforce which he heads.

The company currently employs over Seventy  (70) full time staff and has a casual labor force of over 500 people. The full time staff includes administrators, engineers and technicians.

Wilkins recruits and maintains staff with the right Attitude, Skill and Knowledge to drive the Vision of the company. All staff holding key management positions are people with the requisite knowledge and experience in their respective areas.


Our People

Our greatest asset is our people. We make it a priority to attract and maintain staff with the right Attitude, Skill and Knowledge to propel the vision of the company. Good management practices that place customers and clients at the heart of business have been the distinctive characteristic of Wilkins operation thereby culminating in our industry success. Wilkins has signed onto the Ghana Business Code, which is made up of a series of prescriptions for good management, which are based on universal principles described in the UN Global Compact.


Our Mission


The Mission of Wilkins Engineering Ltd is to be in the forefront in the provision of Electrical Energy in Africa.
Our Vision

The vision for the next ten years is to become the first in provision of off-grid lighting to rural Africa. Wilkins envisions deploying 200,000 solar lanterns within the next 5 years to displace the kerosene lantern which is commonly used by rural off-grid households. The company shall also be active in the extension of grid electricity to about 1000 communities in Ghana and the West Africa Sub-Region

At Wilkins, we focus on High-Integrity business practices, Passion and deep Sensitivity to our Clients needs as well as a culture of optimum Precision. Our passion for Technical excellence has been a driving force in all that we do.

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