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Unity Rural Bank Limited, Ziope which is about 42 km from Ho, on the Ho – Aflao trunk road was authorized to commence banking business on 28th October, 1983 originally as Adaklu Rural Bank Limited, under the Banking Act No. 090 at Adaklu Waya.

It was the 79th Rural Bank to be opened by Bank of Ghana.  During the latter part of 1984, an office of the Bank was opened at Ho and the main office was temporarily moved there by the first Chairman, the late Mr. Fetor Koku Addae De Souza, due to a misunderstanding between the Chairman and staff on one hand and the people of Adaklu.  Not long, the litigation coupled with financial constrains rendered the Bank unable to operate efficiently.

When the problems seemed subsided, the Bank’s Head Office was moved to a perceived neutral ground - Ziope under the new name – Unity Rural Bank Limited, Ziope in December 1984.  An agency was later opened at Sokode-Gbogame and another attempted at Matse under the Chairmanship of a former Ho District Secretary, the late Mr. E. M. Bosson.  All of these Agencies did not survive to celebrate their 1st anniversary.  By the end of 1988, the Adaklu Waya office, and the Ho, Sokode and Matse offices were all closed down as a result of operational efficiencies, lack of capital and lack of economies of scale.

Bank of Ghana, in an attempt to save the Bank from total collapse decided to streamline the strategic and operational management of the Bank by posting a manager from Bank of Ghana training school. The Bank was very fortunate to have gotten a manager in the person of Mr. Joseph Koku Sunu whose hard work, commitment, and high degree of responsibility towards the Bank returned the financials of the Bank to normalcy and stabilised its operations and growth. Mr Joseph Koku Sunu led the Bank through various stages of growth from 1985 to 2010 when finally retired from active service of the Bank.

As part of its expansion drive, on 21st December 1989, an agency of the Bank was opened at Agotime-Kpetoe as the first post-turmoil agency. Even though an approval was given by Bank of Ghana for the opening of agencies at – Ave Dakpa and Adaklu Helekpe, it was only the Ave Agency that was opened in 2002 as a result of lack of capital.


The Bank opened the third and perhaps the most profitable agency at Jsaba – Ho in April, 2003 and a Mobilization Centre was also established in 2004, originally located within Ho GPRTU building at the main lorry station in Ho.


It is an undeniable fact, confirmed by the figures that the establishment of the Ho office brought about a radical transformation of all the facets of the Bank’s existence.

Encouraged by the performance of Jsaba Agency, resources were quickly mobilised to open the fourth agency of the Bank at Avoeme, Aflao in 2007.

The records indicate that the Bank experienced a massive operational expansion between 2002 and 2007, evidenced by the opening of these three agencies and the mobilization Centre.

Another landmark event in the Bank’s history worth mentioning is computerisation of the Bank’s operations. We introduced computers into our operations for the first time in 2006 at Jsaba Agency with the help of a Bank of Ghana facility for computer hardware and accessories and banking software from Ananse Systems. Later Software Programme Supports were also given by BSL- software developers.

The assistance by MiDA under the Ghana Rural Banks Computerization and Interconnectivity Project, finally gave the impetus for the computerisation and networking of all the agencies of the Bank by October 2010.

Unity Rural Bank Ltd joined the league of elite companies in Ghana in 2012 when it was named the 30th most prestigious company in Ghana in 2011, by Ghana Investments Promotion Centre through the Ghana Club 100 awards.

Unity Rural Bank Ltd., owes its progress and sustained growth over the years to dedication of Staff, Management Stability and Leadership provided by the Board of Directors.


Our vision, among other things reflects our values and aspirations and is intended to capture the heart and mind of each employee and hopefully many other stakeholders.

Our vision is: “To become a Leading Financial Services Company with Great People”.


“Our mission is to be recognized by our customers and all stakeholders as a leader in delivering high quality financial services and products with a high value-sharing orientation.  We would focus on strengthening our capacity to further deliver well integrated banking services and products; having key attributes of commercial banking, development banking, micro financing and other pro-poor financial intermediary activities; as a specialized way of caring for the various segments of customers we intend to serve”.
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