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Off the Spintex road near Batsonaa Total Filling Station

What has grown to become the Danpong Group of Companies started as Danpong Pharmacy (GH) Ltd in September 1989, when Dr. Yaw Adu Gyamfi (Dr. Danpong) formed his initial pharmacy supply company. He launched his first pharmacy shop at Nungua in 1991 with only eight workers, toiling from 7am to 11pm – and often after hours – to build a community pharmacy that was loved by the people of Nungua. In October 1999, Dr Gyamfi expanded his business and set up a bigger pharmacy, a 15-bed clinic, and a modern medical lab at Baatsona, on Spintex Road.

Through hard work, the sale of quality drugs and high health standards, the Danpong Group became widely known, with loyal customers coming from the nearby community and even further afield, with many referrals from various clinics and hospitals in Ghana. In 2005, Dr Gyamfi also started Danadams Pharmaceuticals Ltd, which focused on manufacturing and selling antiretroviral agents for HIV treatment, and anti-malarial medications.

Throughout its existence, the Danpong Group has been committed to promoting good health. In the past few years, the company has organized various health campaigns and medical screenings for the community. In 2011, the Nungua Pharmacy Shop was modernized and the company celebrated 21 years of serving the community there. The Danpong Clinic’s outpatient department at Baatsona was improved in 2012, with new medical consulting services being added. The Danpong Medical Lab was also remodeled and expanded the same year. In 2013, the Baatsona Pharmacy Shop was redesigned with specialized pharmacy shelving imported from the UK. Today the company employs over 85 people in its healthcare operations. The Danpong Group is presently also expanding into other areas, including antenatal services, diagnostics, optometry and dentistry.

As a company, we are committed to a vision of raising the standard of healthcare in Ghana, where our services are motivated by quality, affordability, accessibility, and excellence in all we do. Our people-focused motto is Healthy + Happy. We aim to provide community healthcare 24/7, using well-trained, confident and professional employees who put patients and customers’ needs first. We want to make it possible for ordinary Ghanaians to have state of art professional medical services that would compare with the best in the in the world.

The Danpong Group is proud to be a dynamic and progressive organization that is developing a quality brand in healthcare services: growing stronger year over year, promoting healthy living, and always pursuing higher standards of service.

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