CAL Bank

 233-302) 680061-69  680079 (233) 30 2678223 / 2678241 / 2678251 (233) 03220 49255-6
CAL Bank

CAL Bank commenced operations in July 1990, and is considered to be one of the most innovative banks in Ghana. The Bank mobilizes resources in world financial markets, and channels them to the Ghanaian market. In this way, CAL Bank supports the development of the national economy, focusing particularly on the manufacturing and export sectors. With its highly skilled professional staff, CAL Bank plays an important role in the Ghanaian financial sector by providing wholesale banking services to corporate clients with sound financial bases and competent management. Emphasis is placed on the economic viability and technical feasibility of each project, as well as the marketability of the client's products and services. Having recently acquired a Universal Banking License in 2004, CAL Bank has significantly developed its retail banking operations with specialized products and services to cater for the retail market. To complement retail banking and in line with its expansion programme, CAL Bank has developed a network of over 48 ATM's and 18 branches and is in the process of opening several branches in major cities and business districts in Ghana.

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