Unilever Ghana

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Our mission, adding vitality to life is what sets us apart. We offer consumers options that help them feel good, look good and get more out of life across our foods, home and personal care brands.

A humble beginning

Unilever Ghana is Ghana’s leading manufacturer of fast moving consumer goods and is one of Ghana’s leading corporate citizens. It all began in 1787 when two European trading firms, Swanzy and King arrived in the Gold Coast. They later merged in 1931 to form the nucleus of the United Africa Company of Gold Coast (UAC) with a strong commitment to the socio-economic development of the nation - trading, manufacturing, agriculture and real estate. In 1963, UAC established Lever Brothers, a consumer goods manufacturing business.

Unilever Ghana came into being on July 14, 1992 when the two significant and complimentary Unilever PLC subsidiaries, UAC Ghana Limited, reputed for excellence in marketing and distribution, and Lever Brothers Ghana Limited which is strong in manufacturing, merged to form Unilever Ghana Limited.

The reason for our success

The reason for our success, we believe, lies in keeping alive our pioneering spirit and continually seeking improvements to satisfy the every day needs of all consumers with superior quality, competitively priced branded products and services.

Following the Company’s rationalization programme in 1997/98 to concentrate on its core activities, Unilever Ghana today manufactures and markets three broad categories of products under Foods, Home Care and Personal Care categories. Our leading brands include BlueBand Margarine, Lipton, Royco, Annapurna Salt, Omo, Key Soap, Pepsodent, Close-Up, Lux, Geisha, and Sunlight.

Making a big difference in people's lives

Because our vitality mission is rooted in the intimate understanding of people’s needs and aspirations, it inspires new ways to reach consumers with quality products that care for their families and help them get more out of life. To achieve this aim, we maintain the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards our employees, consumers, customers, shareholders and indeed our operating environment.

Through our brands, we make the healthier choice the enjoyable and easy choice for our consumers in Ghana. It is therefore not surprising to find a Unilever product in every home in Ghana.

Creating a ring of goodwill

As a good and long-standing corporate citizen, Unilever Ghana has over the years, strongly contributed to the realisation of the nation’s socio-economic goals. The company has contributed immensely to employment, rural wealth and poverty alleviation, education, health, sports and environmental programmes and activities. The company has indeed managed its commitment to its social obligations with the same attention and professionalism that it has applied to its business activities.

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