Syndicated Capital Ghana

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Syndicated Capital is a wholly Ghanaian owned business group with interest covering manufacturing of Home Electronics purposely built for the African Market. Aside of being the largest distributor for Multi TV, the company has also launched it’s own brand of products. Quality brand of products are designed and specifically built for the African market – in terms of it’s superior quality, durability and affordability. We also boast of having the best technology and style to conform with current trends. Syndicated Capital also has interest in Micro-Finance business, having set up a Microfinance subsidiary to provide capital and funding for Individuals and Small businesses. MISSION To make the everyday necessities of man more accessible, affordable and easy to own. To achieve this, Syndicated Capital has recruited a large network of distributors in all 10 regions of Ghana making the products very easy to get onto your local market. The company has put together a number of schemes to allow workers flexible payment terms to be able to make payments towards their purchases. No matter how much you earn, you can still own a Quality brand in your home – We believe everyone deserves to have the best; and we strive to bring the best to every home. VISION To democratize the 21st century home essentials in Africa. Our vision is to make it possible for every home across Africa to have what they need to aid living in our time. At Syndicated, we believe that man needs more than just food, clothes and shelter in our day and having these things when you need them the most is also crucial. We believe that inspite of what you earn, you should be able to enjoy the otherwise “luxuries” of life. That is why we strive to make it possible for everyone to be able to have access to credit and or the essential goods of life in the 21st century. OUR PHILOSOPHY Availability & Accessibility We believe in making quality products available and also bring it as close to you as possible

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