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HISTORY Total's operations in Ghana have spanned 50 years, beginning when the Company made its first entry into Ghana under the name Total Oil Products. Since then, Total has undergone various transformations in Ghana taking over from British Petroleum through Elf Oil and French TotalfinaElf, following a global merger of Total and Elf; and ultimately culminating in the incorporation of Total Petroleum Ghana Limited (TPGL) when Total acquired Mobil in Ghana. This metamorphosis, coupled with a great respect for quality, standards, achievements and safety, has propelled the subsidiary to the forefront of the Industry. With 50 years of Total's operations in Ghana, came a huge recognition of the TOTAL brand as number one and the Market Leader amongst the Ghanaian investing and consuming public. Today, the Company is more visible and very well represented across the ten regions of Ghana, having strategic locations in major cities and towns. SAFETY & QUALITY The overriding principle guiding TOTAL's operations is the Group's well-known insistence on Quality products and the safety of the Environment as well as individuals. This is reflected in TPGL's daily operations which are conducted in a safe manner that will ultimately merit and earn total customer satisfaction. To further ensure that our processes guarantee Top Quality Customer Service, we are the first Oil Marketing Company in Ghana to acquire the ISO Quality Management Standards Certification (ISO 9001:2008). COVERAGE Total Petroleum Ghana Ltd. (TPGL) has the largest Network Coverage in Ghana (with not less than 210 Service Stations right across the eastern and southern corridors of the country). Our range of services to various industries is next to none, spanning the Aviation, Bitumen and Mining industries, besides the Manufacturing and Roads Sectors. INNOVATION TPGL has also remained at the forefront of several innovations, which have been largely driven by the ever-changing trends of the consuming public. For TWELVE years running and until recently, TPGL was the only Oil Marketing Company with an electronic card payment system in Ghana. The electronic card, TOTAL TOMCARD, continues to enjoy widespread demand from all major companies in Ghana for its security, flexibility and the peace of mind it affords the user. Recognising the growth in the fleet of high performance vehicles in Ghana, TPGL introduced onto the market TOTAL SUPER EFFIMAX and TOTAL DIESEL EFFIMAX, high performance fuels guaranteed to ensure a smooth ride. The TOTAL QUARTZ 4X4 lubricant was also launched in response to the high demand by the special customer segment with the 4X4 range of vehicles. CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS 50 years of Total in Ghana and we still continue to invest. We have initiated a comprehensive programme of upgrading all our facilities nationwide to enhance service delivery to our cherished customers. The programme, dubbed "Future on Stream", involves a 4-year rehabilitation program of all our service stations (from Tumu to Aflao and from Lawra to Elubo) to improve safety and service quality to our customers. It also includes bringing more convenience shops and lubrication facilities to the doorsteps of our cherished customers. This exercise is being organised side-by-side the development of more service stations. Total will continue to remain a strong force in the Ghanaian Energy Industry in the years to come. We will, as usual, be guided by our core values, whilst at the same time we will remain fully committed in our responsibilities to all our stakeholders.

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