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In November 2003 Xdsdata was registered following intensive feasibility studies and market analyses. Intensive data, business and technical analysis was carried out to enable us understand the challenges faced by various data providers in Ghana. In May 2004 the Ghana Association of Bankers appointed XDS DATA GHANA LTD to help develop a functioning credit referencing system for the banking community. In accordance with the Association's directive we embarked on data collection activities from banking and Non Banking financial Institutions, utility and retail companies and made helpful suggestions as well as offered practical assistance to many banks on the importance of quality data for efficient referencing system. The result has been the development and implementation of world class software for unique search and matching algorithms to retrieve the best possible match with minimum input data supplied by the users and capable of meeting the local challenge of identifying prospective clients in spite of the poor address system and lack of unique personal identification data In 2005 and 2006 Xdsdata made modest contributions towards the drafting of a legislative framework for the credit reporting Bill and helped defend the credit reporting Bill that was passed into law that same year. Having satisfied the conditions for the granting of a credit bureax license under the Credit Reporting Act 2007 (Act 726), Xdsdata Ghana Ltd was granted license in December 2008 to become the first credit referencing Bureau in Ghana and West Africa to operate a credit bureau.

1. Mission

Establish and professionally manage a common database to share information on the credit payment behavior of borrowers

    Build and maintain a highly developed and motivated human capital base
    To provide the tools to manage credit risks and improve overall credit culture
    Foster more responsible payment behavior by debtors
    Enhance credit information as more companies collaborate/participate.

2. Vision

Our vision is providing credit referencing services to assist lenders make informed credit decisions with analytical tools unique to our socio-economic environment

In furtherance of our vision, we are committed to;

    establishing and professionally managing an independent, world class credit bureau.
    building and maintaining highly sophisticated credit database.
    providing, value-added risk analysis services for lenders to improve on their risk management practices.


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