Chesapeake Development Company Ghana

 (+233) 0507884482 (+233) 0262680484
Rana Motors Roundabout, Heavy Industrial Area, Tema, Ghana

Chesapeake is a manufacturer of concrete products based in the Tema Heavy Industrial Area. We serve our clients with high quality products and outstanding customer service.

With new products, innovative ideas and technical support, Chesapeake is a leader in its industry and strives to stay ahead of the competition.

Our concrete products include Blocks and Paving Stones as well as other concrete products by special request.

Chesapeake manufactures all products with the utmost care and integrity. Our manufacturing facility is strategically located in Tema and has the highest quality control. We produce many available shapes and laying patterns to compliment the architectural style of your home or commercial property.

Our products involve moderate intial cost and installation. Stained or broken pavers can be easily lifted and replaced. Ants and weeds in joints can be prevented using new revolutionary polymeric jointing sands. Our pavers are carefully designed and guaranteed to last for decades.

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