Ghana Netherlands Chamber of Commerce & Culture(GHANECC)

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2A Silver Star Tower Airport City Accra Ghana

The Ghana Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Culture (GHANECC) is the key intermediary agent to facilitate and support business cooperation between Ghana and the Netherlands. Besides encouraging trade and investment GHANECC also strives to foster cultural understanding between both countries. GHANECC has years of experience and excellent contacts in the Ghanaian market. GHANECC offers a wide variety of services and events to its members and non-members GHANECC is a non-profit business association. Membership is open to any person, firm, or company operating in either Ghana or the Netherlands. In response to the rapidly developing economy in Ghana, GHANECC hopes to cooperate more with other trade industries and governmental groups and expand its ability to serve its members. GHANECC in the Netherlands Presently the Ghana Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Culture is represented in the Netherlands by specially selected GHANECC ambassadors who boast extensive backgrounds in business and management experience in Ghana. GHANECC is also actively working to establish even stronger ties with government and private economic groups in the Netherlands.

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