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 In 1998, as part of the restructuring of the Bank, the name changed to SSB Bank Ltd to reflect the new positioning of the Bank. The Bank in all those years registered the first position in a lot of products and services; It was the first Bank to introduce Consumer Credit Schemes to support workers who are interested in hire and credit purchase; First to introduce Doorstep Banking/Cash Collection, Special farmers loan scheme, support for non-traditional exporters and also Sika Card, an electronic debit card.

In March 2003, Societe Générale acquired 51% stake in SSB Bank Ltd for over €50m Euros, one of the single largest transaction on the Ghana Stock Exchange which in the opinion of stock market operators showed Ghana as an attractive and conducive investment destination in West Africa. Currently, SG holds 52% of shares.

In Africa, Societe Generale Ghana's relationship with Société Générale puts at your service, 12 subsidiaries out of which 8: Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea,  Benin, Chad and Cameroon, are in West and Central Africa

In March 2004, the Bank changed its name to SG-SSB Limited to signify the Bank’s new status as a subsidiary of Societe Générale Group. Since then the Bank has been repositioned as a strong local Bank ready to tap resources and technology from its international affiliate to satisfy customer needs.
Societe Generale Ghana is a member of the Ghana Club 100 and was awarded the Best Bank in Competitive Pricing and the Best Bank Financial Performance at the Ghana Banking Awards held in 2010

Societe Generale Ghana Limited, was incorporated on February 7, 1975 as “Security Guarantee Trust Limited”. It was founded in 1975 as a private limited liability company to provide banking services for the Ghanaian market, with SSNIT as its sole shareholder. In 1976, the name was changed to “Social Security Bank Limited” or “SSB” and received a license to operate as a bank in that same year. It began banking operations in 1977.

Other awards won by the bank in recent past include the Best Bank for Innovation in 2002 Ghana Banking Awards

In 1994, as part of the restructuring of the banking system, SSB Bank and the “National Savings and Credit Bank”, a commercial bank jointly owned by Government and Bank of Ghana were merged; the consideration being the issue by SSB of new shares representing 7.6% of its issued shares. The following year, the Government of Ghana divested its 21% stake in the bank and it was converted to a public limited liability company as part of its preparations toward the Company’s Initial Public Offer. The company subsequently listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange on October 13, 1995.

 Societe Generale Ghana, a strong local bank, has been one of the leading banks in Ghana.   Societe Generale Ghana Ltd operates 45 fully networked branches, Agencies and outlets across the country and serves corporate customers, Individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

    Incorporation  7 February 1975
    Incorporated as a private limited liability company with the name Security Guarantee Trust Limited and was solely owned by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT).

    Name Established as SSB  24 February 1976
    SSNIT changes the Bank's name from Security Guarantee Trust Limited to Social Security Bank Limited.
    Licence Granted  17 September 1976
    Bank of Ghana grants a licence to Social Security Bank Ltd to operate as a Bank.

    Bank Officially Opens  17 January 1977
    The Bank officially opens to the public with the first Branch, Accra Main located on the ground floor of the Head office. The next branch to be opened is the North Industrial Area branch.

    Merge with NS&C Bank  3 May 1994
    The Bank successfully merges with the National Savings & Credit Bank and retains the name Social Security Bank Ltd.

    Public Offer  July 1995
    The Bank makes a public offer of 30% of its shares. SSNIT divests 20% of its share holding in the Bank.

    SSB Goes Public  October 1995
    The Bank is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

    Strategic Investment  1997
    Strategic investor, a consortium made up of Blakeney Management Corporation UK, Morgan Stanley, Quantum (Soros) Emerging Market Investment Corporation and others, buys 52% of SSB Bank’s issued shares.  Allied Irish Banks PLC is appointed as technical partner.

    Change of Name  1998
    SSB Bank changes its name from Social Security Bank Limited to SSB Bank Limited.

    Share Acquisition  De

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