Wenchi Rural Bank

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Brong Ahafo region

Wenchi Rural Bank was given the final approval by the management of bank of Ghana on 30 th June 2010. The bank started full operation in September 2010 with 16 full time staff at its headquarters in the Wenchi new market.

Wenchi is located in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana ; the region is referred to as the “bread basket of the country”.

Farming is the main occupation of the people in the catchments area of the bank, employing about 70% of the population of people. Farming is predominantly subsistence leading to high levels of poverty and irregular migration of the youth in the area to the parts of the country and other African countries especially Libya . Many have lost their lives trying to cross the Sahara and some trying to cross Mediterranean sea to Europe.

It is against this background that a group of Wenchi citizen both at home and abroad promoted Wenchi rural bank to deal with the problem of poverty and its negative effect in the Ghanaian society.

Our Goal is to provide excellent banking services to our customers and help reduce poverty in the Brong Ahafo region and Ghana as a whole.


    Honesty and Integrity
    Respect for each other
    Fighting poverty
    Excellent customer service

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