Christian Service University College

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The Registrar, Christian Service University College, Post Office Box 3110, Kumasi, Ghana.

OUR VISION STATEMENT Christian Service University College aims: To be a first class Evangelical Christian University that promotes knowledge about Christ through the training of men and women with moral uprightness, academic excellence and passion to serve and transform society. First Class: The University College aims to provide first class training, excellent facilities and generally good outlook – surroundings; that is, first in everything. Evangelical Christian University: By this we mean the University College heralds the good news of Jesus Christ and believes in the historic doctrines of the Christian faith. Moral Uprightness: Conduct based on Christian morality and lifestyle which shows consistent regard to the Word of God and the rule of law. Academic Excellence: Professionally and academically competent and ability to apply knowledge to solving or handling contemporary issues affecting church and society. Passion to Serve: Serving with great zeal and enthusiasm. OUR MISSION STATEMENT The Christian Service University College is an Academic Centre of Excellence for teaching, research and service in Theology, Applied Science and Humanities in an Evangelical and sound ethical environment. The meaning of the Christian Service University College logo is derived from the constituent elements. The Logo has the following elements: Statement of Motto: 'To Know Christ Better and To Make Him Better Know' Year Of Establishment of the Institution: 1974 Abbreviation of the name of Institution: CSUC Symbols of the Institution: 'The Cross of Christ'; 'Atumpan'- The talking drums of the Akans. The 'Atumpan' was used by the Akans in the olden days to send messages to people within the community. In the logo, the 'Atumpan' drums represent the primary purpose of the University College: "To make Christ better known".

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