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“From little acorns the mighty oak tree grows” is a quotation that best describes the phenomenal rise of Auto Plaza Ltd, the only recognized distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the mainstream of the Ghana market.

In 2004, a new company Auto Plaza Ltd. took over the distributorship of Hyundai brand vehicles in the Ghana market place.

Since then, Auto Plaza Ltd (APL) has grown into one of the largest, most diversified and professional vehicle distributors in Ghana. Not only can APL lay claim to creating and dominating the automobile market place, it can also claim as having established Hyundai as the most recognised brand of vehicle on the Ghanaian market.

From its humble beginning, APL has developed an organisation and infrastructure that nation wide (and cross border) provides not only the supply of some of the world’s most popular vehicles but also all the peripherals, accessories and consumables that are necessary to ensure an efficient, reliable and professional after sales services support.

Noted for its entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, innovative marketing approach, professionalism and rapid reaction to changing situations, APL has now evolved into one of the largest and indisputably the fastest growing vehicle distributor in Ghana.

With numerous accolades that include outstanding engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility activities to a formally recognized exceptional level of customer service and relations, APL continues to be recognized for its exceptional work with the recently bestowed award of “2nd OVERALL BEST COMPANY” in the Ghana Club 100 (GC 100) for the 100 most recognized and elite companies in Ghana and the winner of the “BEST ENTRANT COMPANY.” That was preceded by a separate award for the Best Entrant Company into the GC 100.

APL’s sales growth in the past seven years is a clear illustration of the giant leaps it has taken to consolidate itself as the pre-eminent supplier of vehicles in Ghana. Since its inception, APL has recognized triple digit growth from year to year. APL can boast to having the largest, most ultra modern showroom in Accra complemented by state of the art workshops and office facilities.

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