Mansuki Ghana Limited (MGL)

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Mansuki Ghana Limited (MGL) is a manufacturing, packaging, trading and service company. A young woman who graduated from the University of Ghana established MGL in Ghana, West Africa in 2009 after her national service.

As a young African woman with determinations, she decided to research into all natural organic skin and hair care products and ingredients, to find solutions to unsafe beauty care products on the Ghanaian market. Her first research was into organic and natural cocoa butter. Later, studied the production and benefits of virgin coconut oil, pure Shea butter,varieties of African black soaps, organic neem oil and pure wild African Honey. Most Gorgeous Look (also MGL) naturals is a natural beauty care products brand from the company MANSUKI GHANA LIMITED.

MGL manufactures bathing soaps - African black soaps (AlataSamina), body creams/butters, hair food/pomade and massage oil. It has 9 different finished products to its credit with the brand name; MGL naturals, slogan; Most Gorgeous Look from nature, website; and can be found on social and trade networks. MGL renders services such as packaging and branding for individuals and companies with similar business for export and domestic sale. The company was established in September 2009 by IsraellaKafuiMansu at age 24. She holds a BA degree in Consumer Science and Psychology from the University of Ghana. The company started from her kitchen as a laboratory and production centre with US$150.It was later registered in September 2010.

Society is ‘going green’ in life’s necessities and the demand for natural beauty products is on the increase due to their healthy and safe nature on the body and hair. MGL produces a variety of natural and healthy, hair and body care products for all age groups and all skin types. Giving you the Most Gorgeous Look from nature.

MGL identified these areas in product content, packaging and branding on the cosmetic market; unsafe product content, poor branding, poor packaging method, wrong label information/interpretation, inadequate label information, lack of product knowledge on labels and the wrong language for consumer.

As a start-up, MGL took the above problems very important and solved it above all odds, to compete with the best international standards. MGL naturals hair products are; Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Hair Pomade and Coconut oil Hair Pomade. Body creams; Shea Butter Moisturiser, Cocoa Butter Moisturiser and Organic Baby Care Bathing soaps; Shea Butter Black Soap, Cocoa Butter Black Soap, Raw African Black Soap Beauty & Massage Oil; Africa Shea Oil

Today, MGL is a proud multiple international and domestic award winning company that has created income generating activities for many in the production, marketing, sales and raw material sourcing sectors. 95% of raw materials used by MGL are grown and harvested in Ghana.


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