Asa Savings and Loans Company Limited

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Odokor - Mallam Highway

ASA INTERNATIONAL (ASAI) was established in April 2007 – with the mission of financially empowering the poorest and deprived population of the world.

ASA International currently has established microfinance operations in The Philippines, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. In Ghana and Nigeria microfinance bank licenses have been acquired.It is expected that operations in Tanzania and Myanmar will be included over time.

Each of these MFIs follows the ASA Model of Microfinance, adjusted to local circumstances, and operates under the “ASA International” brand and banner. ASA in Bangladesh developed a model of microfinance that, due to its simplicity, standardization and high level of decentralization, is easily scalable and exceptionally efficient.ASA developed a tailor-made range of financial services for its low-income clients, based on strictly commercial principles. ASA was one of the first MFIs in Asia that successfully introduced voluntary savings and insurance products.

The main resources of the Company include its access to the highly qualified and experienced management and staff of ASA, the dedication and discipline of the implementation of the distinctive ASA Model, the strength of its proprietary ASA Microfinance Management Information System (‘AMMS’), its well-capitalized balance sheet, and its access to finance from both international and local sources.

ASA International currently is managed by former and existing senior executives of ASA with full and active support and collaboration of ASA. Once a country operation matures, ASA International’s local staff members in that country take up implementation responsibilities. ASA Bangladesh provides ASA International with the senior and middle management and other human resources, technology and microfinance expertise necessary for a rapid international roll-out of the ASA model of microfinance. The activities of ASA International also include of hiring personnel, holding, financing, managing and providing technical assistance to its local group companies.

This technology and knowledge transfer fosters capacity building of ASA International staff members and ensures that the “ASA methodology for microfinance” is properly implemented in each country.

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