TF Financial Services

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Head Office (North Ridge)

TF Financial Services has been incorporated as a private limited liabiity company to operate as a financial services firm. The company was granted a certificate of incorporation on the 8th day of September 2006.

TF Financial Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Teachers' Fund.

The company has defined as its niche market salaried workers employed by both the private sector and the civil service sectors of the economy and aims to concentrate its core activities on the provision of loans to this market segment. TF Financial Services shall also extend its activities into other financial services activities in response to market demands and growth potential in accordance with Bank of Ghana (BoG) licensing requirements.


The Teachers’ Fund was set up in 1998 as a collective savings scheme of GNAT registered teachers’. The combined experience of the management team is estimated at eight years. The management team is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds including banking, investment banking and consulting and credit management. The Fund is currently worth over ¢200 billion represented by investments in securities such as treasury bills, bonds, listed equities, private placements, loans and facilities to members, other investments and real estate projects. Of all these investment classes, the Fund has its largest investment in loans and facilities to its monthly basis across the country. The Fund has a constant inflow of funds on a monthly basis of about ¢13 billion made up of ¢6 billion in contributions income and about ¢7 billion in loan repayments.

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