Rubber Plantations (GH) Ltd

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1971 Government of Ghana established a Rubber estate in the eastern region of the country under the management of State Farms Corporations. The leader ship of late Mr. Minta Jacob the plantation was well established; during the revolution period the estate was stop operating for a long period. During the same period workers were not paid so they started cultivating food crops in the land which cause damaging the rubber trees. 1995 Management of Glamour Group of company takes over the estate and started operations in the name of Rubber Plantations Ghana Limited. RPG started planting the area since 1998 and completes in the year of 2006. Currently RPG is producing 400 tons of dry rubber annually.

Rubber Plantations Ghana (RPG) is the most successful integrated agricultural operation in Eastern Region of Ghana. Today the company cultivates about 1,400 acres of its land and providing technical and financial assistance to nearby farmers to establish rubber in their land.

Rubber Plantations Ghana (RPG) is part of the Ghana Rubber master Plan formed by the ministry of food and agriculture for establish and run a rubber out grower project in the region for individual framers to start rubber cultivation and alleviate poverty in the remote areas.

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