Consul Ghana Limited - Vienna City Roses

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Consul Ghana Limited a serious Company and brusque competitor, we rate very high on the business scale.

We have numerous rewards and appreciations, journalist articles and awards from Ministry of Tourism of Ghana to testify to that.

The Company has to its credit the third Ashanti Business Excellence Award (2006).

Consul Ghana Limited is a name firmly associated with all Consul Games which are located in various parts of the country.

Its entertainment expansion program has made it possible to own 19 different splendid arcades in locations such as Tema (Ocean Bar and Vienna City Hotel), Vienna City Accra and Kumasi and Takoradi (Ocean Bar).

These arcades are well-furnished and equipped to match international standards in order to cater for the entertainment needs of both foreigners and the locals alike.

We guarantee strictly controlled sanitary requirements of the highest standard.

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