Kumasi Polytechnic

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Kumasi Polytechnic, located within the heart of the Garden City, Kumasi, Ghana, is one of the Ghana's leading polytechnics. Since its establishment in 1954, Kumasi Polytechnic has been dedicated to training high calibre skilled tertiary and middle level manpower with focus on manufacturing, commerce, science and technology. Kumasi Polytechnic is one of the famous, elegant and vibrant Polytechnics in Ghana. It is a spectacularly beautiful institution, which is located at the heart of the Garden city of West Africa, the capital city of the Ashanti Region of Ghana (Kumasi). The Polytechnic, known earlier as Kumasi Technical Institute, was established in 1954, but started actual teaching and learning in 1955, dealing mainly with craft courses. It became a Polytechnic on 30th October, 1963 and from then on concentrated on Technician and a few Diploma Programmes. Additionally, a few professional courses were offered. Following the enactment of the Polytechnic Law 1992, PNDC Law 321, Kumasi Polytechnic ceased to exist in its previous form and became a tertiary institution. The Kumasi polytechnic has since 1993, come a long way to make its mark in the country as a strong and creditable tertiary institution. It has been making steady strides in its quest to fulfil its mandate of training the critical manpower needed for commerce and industry in Ghana. It has expanded from three Faculties and one Centre in 2009/2010 to six Faculties, one school and two Institutes in the 2010/2011 academic year.For more information on Faculties schools and Intitutes, click here. The institution is presently developing and strengthening its HND programmes into degree programmes. It is, therefore, training high calibre personnel in science and technology to equip them with entrepreneurial skills to meet the demands of industry in particular, and to also improve the general socio-economic development of the country.

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