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Quality Gulf Co. LLC

Everywhere we go in society today we see that self-serve technologies are fast becoming ingrained into all facets of society. As more customers are becoming accustomed to using and interacting with self-service devices, business as a whole is starting to see the immense benefits that can come from integrating self-service strategies into their organizations.

Touchmate inc. is a United states company based in Austin Texas, which focuses on developing self-service technologies such as checkinDoctor, touch2serve and signpost101. Uniquely, not only do we develop our software solutions internally but for over 10 years Touchmate has been designing and manufacturing it's own range of kiosks and hardware solutions - these have been sold and deployed into 14 countries around the world.

The Touchmate range of kiosks are functional and inviting - watch as people come up to our kiosks - the first thing they do is put their hands on the unit - it encourages the end user to interact - and this has to be a key factor in the placement of any self serve solution - if it does not then there is limited benefit for either the end user or the provider of the service. Our extensive experience allows us to deploy effective self-serve projects, as a seamless solution to your business needs.

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