Radford University College

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83A Lagos Avenue, East Legon, Accra Ghana

Radford University College was founded by Nana Worea Wiredu motivated by his acknowledgement of the great need identified by human history and a in Ghana in particular, and accepting the challenge to make a contribution to address this need. Specifically, he saw the need for programmes that will foster entrepreneurial spirit needed for sustained development. His immediate drive was to produce in the short term: Entrepreneurs who will create jobs for the Ghanaian community and provide products and services needed. Business leadership in industry who are equipped to address the current challenges facing Ghana's industrial development efforts, including the fast growing trends in information technology, the ailing textile industry, and also issues in business administration and governments. Designers, managers, industrialist and planners who will spearhead the economic development initiatives currently envisaged in Ghana in the long term. A community resource where business personnel can learn about innovative techniques that will enhance their business and expand their horizons. Innovative programmes meeting Ghana's natural resource management and addressing its environmental issue.

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